It's okay to have questions...

  • Do I really want to know?

    Uhhh, YES! Knowing your risk of cancer is the first and most important step so that you can act to prevent or catch it early. There are simple things you can do to significantly reduce your chances of dying from cancer. Even if you carry one of the cancer genes, there are always steps you can take to reduce your risks, many of which are very simple. Those at high risk are entitled to more advanced screening tests that are typically covered by insurance and can help save your life!

  • How much does it cost?

    Hereditary cancer genetic testing is considered preventive health and is covered at 100% by almost all insurers. Rarely, a small co-pay or deductible is required. If that’s the case, the lab will contact you for permission before running the test. That’s a promise. Our preferred laboratory, Myriad Genetics, is dedicated to help ALL appropriate patients get the testing they need and provides reduced rates and free testing to appropriate patients. Read The Myriad Promise.

  • Is my data safe and private?

    We only share your information with your explicit permission to do so… and only for the purpose of helping to coordinate your testing and/or care. We want to be your most trusted health partner and will NEVER share or sell your personal information. You won’t receive endless spam emails from us either. We will only contact you when we have important changes to your health recommendations or new ways to reduce your risks.

  • What’s the catch?

    There’s no catch! Give a Spit was developed by physicians who wanted to remove barriers and provide patients with easier access to life-saving tools that don’t require endless waits or cumbersome visits. Our funding comes from educational grants from healthcare systems and industry in order to provide our service, which includes genetic education, completely free of charge to patients.

  • How is my Risk Assessment calculated?

    We license risk-assessment software called Tyrer-Cuzick. There are many such risk-assessment models available, but we believe that this is the most comprehensive and accurate model. It takes your personal and family health history into consideration to calculate your 10 year and lifetime risk for cancer. Of course no predictive model is perfect, but this one has been validated by many peer-reviewed studies and is accepted by physicians as well as insurers to make personalized breast cancer screening recommendations.

  • What criteria do you use to determine if I qualify for genetic testing?

    We use a combination of NCCN (National Comprehensive Cancer Network) and USPTF (US Preventive Taskforce) guidelines. Keep in mind, just because you meet criteria for testing does not mean that you carry one of the known cancer genes; most people who meet criteria and have hereditary cancer genetic testing receive negative results. Those results are just one piece of your healthcare puzzle, but play a major role in your personalized cancer prevention plan.

  • Why should I register?

    While we don’t require it, we hope you’ll create an account so you can come back once in a while to update your family details. We’ll provide you with updated recommendations whenever your personal or family history changes or when national guidelines for screening and testing change.

  • Why is this genetic test different from the others I see on the web?

    Consumer-based genetic testing, which typically does not require a physician to order or review results, is not a substitute for high-quality genetic testing by a molecular diagnostics company. Some online tests can be fun and even helpful to some degree, but when it comes to your health and genetic testing, we will only work with the most reputable labs that have truly validated results that are considered actionable. That means that those results can be trusted by you and your doctors to make real healthcare decisions.

  • What does your genetic spit kit look for?

    Our Spit Kit uses Myriad’s MyRisk hereditary cancer panel of 35 cancer genes that can affect almost every part of your body. In some women, negative test results can be further evaluated for other genetic markers that can each slightly affect your chances of developing cancer. Added up, these small genetic “snippets” can have a significant affect on your risk of developing cancer and are a major factor in calculating Myriad’s Breast Cancer Risk Score, the most comprehensive breast cancer prediction model available. The more we understand your risk, the better we can help you minimize it.

  • Are you affiliated with any one laboratory?

    Absolutely not! We are an independent organization who’s most important mission is to remove barriers to obtaining crucial personalized health information and testing so that you and your family can live longer, healthier and happier lives. We will continuously evaluate the growing field of diagnostic laboratories to identify the leaders that provide the most up to date and most accurate information. As we expand and technology advances, we will continue our mission and offer you opportunities with only the best laboratories. Our only loyalty is to your health.

  • Will you help me though the process?

    Of course! We are here for you. We are committed to making this process as easy as possible and walking you through every step so that you can get your personalized breast cancer risk assessment, get genetic testing if appropriate and obtain genetics education from experienced professionals without ever leaving your home.

  • I know I have family history of cancer. My doctors already consider me “High risk.” Do I still need to get genetic testing?

    Yes, you should still take the Risk Assessment. Our method of calculating your risks is the most accurate and will continuously update as you modify your personal and family history of cancer over time. Our program may highlight a different level of risk than you had realized and potentially change your screening recommendations. We can also discuss with you updated testing that may include newly recognized cancer genes for which you were not tested in the past even if you’ve already had cancer genetic testing.

  • I’m a man. Can you help me too?

    Give a Spit is not just about breast cancer. Men and women both carry genes that can affect their personal and family’s risk of cancer. Although men naturally have a lower risk of breast cancer, that risk is not zero and they can pass on breast cancer genes to their children. Give a Spit helps evaluate your risk for all the common cancers and provides you with detailed information on genetic testing for many cancers other than breast cancer.

  • I’m worried about discrimination or obtaining health insurance in the future if I am found to have a cancer gene. Can testing be anonymous?

    You do not need to worry about discrimination! While this is a natural question, the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008 (GINA) is a federal law that protects individuals from genetic discrimination in health insurance and employment. In this case, the government has you covered with serious protection.

  • What if I need help?

    If you have any questions about this Privacy Notice, you can contact us at:

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877-729-3197 (9 a.m. – 5 p.m. EST, Monday-Friday, excluding holidays.)


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